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Why don't Photographers sell digital files. I get asked a lot about selling digital files. Trying to explain why not quickly becomes something that is hard to explain. It's like trying to put a price tag to something that is already hard to grasp... and that is a persons worth. Here is a great blog statement from a photographer that has seen it from both sides. Her name is Cianne Mitchell. Just click on her name or the picture below to see article. Great read enjoy!



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Nice Camera! Ouch! A well known photographer goes to a big dinner party in NYC and is greeted at the door by the hostess. She comments, "I love your work! You must have a good camera."The photographer smiles politely but says nothing. As he leaves the party he mentions to the hostess, "That was a great meal! You must have some good pots and pans.



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For all things to be new again, you need FIRE! While surfing the web and looking for something...

 Fun, something Intriguing, something with a Rush but most of all it had to be Electric! 

I came across a photographer by the name Van Elder . He has several how to videos on painting with fire.

My head was spinning with tons of ideas after looking at his videos. This crazy idea of photographing a football player with FIRE came to me! But I kept coming up short with the football player that would be willing to take a picture with fire. Then, I thought... I know... my friend Matt has a son that plays football! Now how to sell the idea to his family of me setting his kid on fire in a picture, late at night on a full moon. He is going to think I have lost it! I had him look at  Van Elder Photography  that I had found on the internet. After seeing that it would be a very safe adventure for him and his son they agreed to go along for this unknown ride of a lifetime... Here is our journey that night. We only had a handful of takes to get this right. This first picture here is the 1st attempt but our model moved causing some motion blur in the photo and the subject was poorly lit. The 2nd was almost it.The final picture we nailed it!! Hope you enjoy!

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Through Your Eyes I See. Here is interesting photo that has a story. I had just finished a session in South Park, when I came across this gentleman who was sitting up his easel. I asked if I could take a picture of him pretending to paint. I told the artist that I would take what he was looking at and combine the two pictures together. The one of him acting as if he was painting and the one of the sidewalk in front of him.  Inside photoshop I took the sidewalk picture and put it to his blank canvas. Combining both photos in layers I get this, a work of art!  Look out world I'm an artist too!

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The Honeymoon is Over As of 2013 LSG Productions will no longer be specializing in Wedding Photography. 

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Ball of Light I would like to explain how this art project came to light. It is a form of long exposure photography. Long exposure photography requires the cameras shutter to remain open for a set time length. During the time that the shutter is open the camera will collect any and all available light that the cameras sensor sees and once the shutter has closed. It freezes that data it has collected and displays the final result for your eyes to enjoy. I was surfing the web and came across an interesting story of Denis Smith. He is a photographer from Australia that has made several incredible pieces of art from light.  After watching several how to videos on Youtube. I headed off to Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas with a couple fellow photographers and started taking pictures on a full moon night and here are a few pictures from that night. Hope you enjoy.



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Welcome wisdom.  Uncle Calvin Canady. He is 84 years young. I met him this weekend at my session with the Canady Family Reunion in Kansas City. I really like how his picture turned out. I did a couple photoshop steps to get this look. I used HDR EFEX Pro 2 and oil paint filter in CS6.

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